hi! i finally managed to make a new website layout, yay! it's pretty simple (loads relatively fast tho), but i hope you still like it! i used my own sketches from flipnote studio to decorate the website, hope you like those as well!
this website is still a work in progress, so expect to see more contents here soon!

do you really wanna know things about me? i'm just a sad and boring person wandering around the net. i like to draw and make useless things out of paper. i'm currently into dankira, reboot and uhhhh some other rare fandoms. also i'm making a short game with gb studio, to the development process of which i dedicated a separate blog!
let's be friends!~


[azusa999] a small fanart commemorating game's english translation! check the game here(ext. link)

[mob psycho 100] miniature paper kageyama brothers in raincoats

[dankira] nekomimi yagami soma! click here for speedpaint video(ext. link)!

[dankira] illo for my short fanfiction about noel


[dankira] reiji in his paid suit

[cookie run] roguefort cookie & walnut cookie

[daicon iv] smol and big daicon girls




[original] i created two comic strips for a local comic zine under my old nickname, trimiria. read the zine here(ext. link)! (the zine is in russian btw)


untitled mitsuobo fanzine
an 8-page mini-zine that features six illustrations dedicated to one of my favorite dankira ships! it's free to download and print out! click here for .png template